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Jo Mamma so fat that when she wears a Orange jumpsuit and walks up a hill, people think the sun is rising. OHHHHH!!


Jo Mamma so fat she was baptised in the ocean.  JYYEAHHHH!!!!


Jo Mamma so fat her engagement ring belonged to Saturn.  WHOOOOAAAHH!!!


Jo Mamma so fat she farted in the ocean and caused El Nino.  OHHHHH!!


Jo Mamma is so ugly that when she tried to join an ugly contest they said, "Sorry but no professionals allowed."  JYYEAHHH!!!


Jo Mamma's so fat & old when God said, "Let there be light," he asked if yo momma could move out of his way!! OHHHHH!!


Jo Mamma so stupid she put paper on the television and called it paper view.  WHOOAHHHH!!!


Jo Mamma is so stupid, she stared at an orange juice can for 30 minutes because it said "Concentrate".  OHHHHH!!!


Jo Mamma is so poor she can't even pay attention.  JYEAHHH!!!


Jo Mamma is so ugly that she evens makes the blind children cry! OHHHHH!!!!


Jo Mamma is so poor that she actually worked three jobs just to put you through college.  WHOOOOAAAHHH!!


Jo Mamma is so fat that out of the six fattest people I know she is four of them.  OHHHH!!!!


Jo Mamma so greasy Texaco buys Oil from her.  JYYEAHHH!!


Jo Mamma so greasy, she uses pam as hairspray.  WHOOAAHHH!!


Jo Mamma so dirty she brings crabs to the beach.  OHHHHH!!! OHHH!!! DAMNNNN!!


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