Significance of Internet Memes


Wikipedia defines internet memes as " activity, concept, catchphrase or piece of media which spreads, often as mimicry, from person to person via the Internet." This definition clearly defines, in a nutsell what internet memes are. But what importance does this carry?


In days long past, information could not be passed through an electronic means at such a fast rate (instantly). It needed to be communicated solely with billboards, art and verbal expression. Memes are basically used as a means of parody-comedy or making a statement, but it is vast, infinite and has spread across the web through viral videos, images, flash and animations. Pop culture, culture in general, the internet, and all forms of life can become an 'internet meme', because the power of the internet allows us to communicate electronically to allow instant access to the different walks of imagination. Internet memes tend to mainly be humorous or an open criticism or parody of modern-day culture, or they can just be a viral video that has circulated the web. However, technically internet memes can literally express anything.


Memes are not limited to hugely popular videos like All Your Base are Belong to Us or Oppa Gangnam Style. Image memes have made internet memes fully mainstream as a means of expression through the art of parodying. Art should not be criticized for being art, no matter what kind of art it is. Memes have helped humanity communicate better than the days prior to the foundation of the Internet. Cyberspace allows communication in a lighter fashion than the necessity of up-front expression calls for, and defines the level of importance in criticism. Even cellular technology's Texting feature on modern day mobile phones defines what is necessary to be Texted and what/when it is necessary to 'Call' a person or organization.


Internet Memes are just a new form of expression that has built a foundation for itself over the last decade or so. Humans haven't actually invented something new at all. Humanity has simply improved their methods of communication by declaring what belongs in cyberspace and what belongs in the real world. What is real? What we see on the internet is a new form of media known as Internet Memes, a new means of expression. The Real World is still its own entity. Internet Memes typically tend to make light of the real world, but may also be cynical of other websites as well, that which exists in cyberspace. Also, that which is not real is often reviewed by cynics who make Internet Memes. These include much pop culture references, including but not limited to music, music videos, music artists, television shows, actors, movies, actresses and others. Over time, Internet Memes have helped humanity perfect what already existed: communication skills. It has also helped define the lines between the internet and the physical plane known as the 'real world'. This jewel, this Diamond known as the INTERNET, is really just a Series of Tubes :P




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