About Us: World Health Donations is a non-profit organization that specializes in giving to those in need.  Funds are distributed through our web portal to hospitals, disease research groups, pharmaceutical research, health organizations, medical groups, cancer research, AIDS research, homeless shelters and others.  Through a small simple donation via PayPal, you are sending a donation to several helping hands all at once. 


Distributions of Donations: Donated funds are distributed as evenly as possible among the listed recipients on the Home page.  If donation funds have been low for the quarterly end when we process the distributions, then we will use our discretion in choosing whom to distribute the funds.  For example, if we only received net donations of $10 over the first quarter of the year, then we will distribute to Recipient A.  If, in the next quarter we only received net donations of $10 for the second quarter, then we will distribute the money to Recipient B. Quarterly donation distribution payments take place around the time periods of March 31, June 30, September 30 and December 31.


Fund Cap: Our current distributable donations fund cap limit is $250 for the quarter.  Any donations received after the $250 will roll over to the next quarter.  The reason for this is to maintain the integrity of our organization.  We will use discretion and amend this fund cap limit if donations received should become greater.


Management Fees: 15% of your donation pays for the time, effort, work and costs spent on the website, as well as finding donation sources, processing time in distributing funds amongst several recipients, and if necessary modifying the portfolio of recipients.


Refunds: Unfortunately, our policy is that your donation is non-refundable.  Donation money is used for the greater good in society, so please be mindful before making a donation if you did not wish to participate.